After several weeks of rain and Nor’easters and flooding, the weather has finally improved significantly this week. To celebrate the weather I took a stroll to downtown Trenton this morning and there were a surprising amount of people out and about. Skateboarders were making skating videos on Front Street, there were plenty of people in Mill Hill Park, and Cafe Ole had about ten people sitting inside sipping coffee talking to Anthony, the guy running the joint for the morning. I guzzled down two double espressos, which cost a total of one dollar!


Anthony seemed like a nice guy; he invited pretty every single patron back to T-Town next weekend for the Trenton Film Festival. Although I picked up a shift at the restaurant for a little extra cash, I plan on attending some of Saturday’s early-afternoon showings, and maybe the afterparty at Joe’s Mill Hill Saloon after I’m done with work. Sounds like a good opportunity to meet some more of the lively citizens of Trenton.

Now for the serious stuff.

This week’s recent revelations of malfeasances on the part of several school district employees only further highlights the necessity of a better school district to the proper functioning of any urban area like Trenton. People with children simply won’t move here until the district performs better and provides a safer environment for its students.


If families don’t move to Trenton it will remain extremely difficult to change the absurd demographic makeup of the city, with a lopsided amount of Mercer County’s poor living within a 7.7 square mile city. Concentrated poverty only hurts the city, discouraging investment and the availability of well-paying jobs.


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