Trenton Downtowner

Before I moved to Trenton, I read the Trenton Downtowner online with a lot of interest, simply because they published articles on very pertinent subjects in a city that I was actually interested in. They provide a glimpse of the parts of Trenton that are still functioning pretty well, despite the opinions of the people of the surrounding municipalities.

Currently the Trenton Downtowner web site shows the February issue, yet they have come out with an issue in each succeeding month since February. These subsequent issues have not been posted. Whether this is by some computer glitch or lack of funding, it really doesn’t matter.

This publication should strive to keep its issues posted online, because few people actually have the opportunity to come into the city and pick it up. While it would be a great measure to put copies in downtown Princeton, Lawrenceville, and Hightstown, this probably won’t happen. The next best thing is continuing to keep the copy online so people from outside of town can see what is good going on in downtown T-Town. During high school I knew nothing about the city.

The Downtowner is doing the city a disservice by not keeping their site updated, and they should strive to correct that. They are a good organ to demonstrate what is good in this town.


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