Council shows some backbone

City Council Tuesday went against the advice of Special Counsel Joe Alacqua and went with their hearts instead, voting down a resolution that would have renewed the liquor license for a nightclub that had been the cause of numerous problems for the city in past years.

Counsel for the owner of the establishment, Club XL, had recommended the council renew the license so owner Diance Lockhart could sell it to another unrelated party and try to recoup some money, in the face of impending state-mandated violation penalties.

Councilman Milford Bethea, whose North Ward was the site of the maligned club, said from the start of the proceedings last week that he could never vote for a renewal of the license after the club had caused so many problems for his constituency, in the form of robberies, assaults, and other illegal activity.

Other council members recalled the lengthy investigation of the club, in what has become somewhat of an albatross for this City Council.

Last week it seemed some council members were ready to acquiesce to the request of the club-owner’s attorney and the recommendations of Mr. Alacqua, but in a rare moment of righteous clarity, Trenton’s elected representatives stood up for their beliefs – alongside their colleague Mr. Bethea – and did the right thing.

Let’s see some more of this in the future!


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  1. investintrenton

    Keep up the great work. Its blogs such as yours that keep our politicians in check. Don’t give up!

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