Quick Hits: Week of Jan. 21- Jan. 28

The Trenton Board of Education meets Tuesday at 5:30 p.m., and the fate of the historical gem that is Trenton Central High School could be decided. Attend and make your voice heard! Don’t let a bunch of hand-picked Mayor Palmer cronies make bad decisions with Trenton’s architectural heritage.

A man was seen at Cafe Ole Tuesday morning telling someone named “Joyce” to delay public comment or cancel it all together at the Board of Education meeting scheduled for Tuesday night. He said he didn’t want a “groundswell” of support or a public debate to occur at the meeting. It seems like Mayor Palmer’s cronies are trying to stifle public debate on the Trenton Central High School controversy…


Trenton City Council meets next Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. at City Hall. The residency flap is still not settled, and the seven day ultimatum to Mayor Palmer is up this Friday. Want to be bet Director Santiago isn’t moving into Trenton?


Gov. Jon S. Corzine continues his whirlwind tour of the state next week, trying to sell his toll hike plan to the state’s voters as the legislature gets ready to debate and then vote on the measures. The Guv will be in Camden County on Jan. 28, at the Voorhees Middle School. People aren’t buying the plan, a poll says.


Blue Jersey Editor Juan Melli wonders aloud about political favoritism in the Democratic leadership for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming primary. He provides some pretty interesting evidence of an “unofficial” official support policy by the state’s democratic machinery. I see a lot of Obama supporters in Trenton, and this is surely a contested primary. Why stack the deck?


Gov. Corzine and hundreds of others were on hand in Trenton Sunday, to pay respects to the legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Obama’s candidacy was seen as evidence of progress in the quest for equality by the Star-Ledger.


The Democratic candidates got pretty nasty with each other Monday night in front a crowd in Myrtle Beach. The debate was the scene of much squabbling and bickering between the three leading candidates, with Sens. Clinton and Edwards taking turns lashing out at Obama.


And most importantly….the Giants are Super Bowl-bound! They get two weeks off after their improbable victory in Green Bay, and then get a chance to knock off the unbeaten Patriots as 14-point underdogs. Go JINTS!


New Jersey’s senators are somewhat loved by the voters…Gov. Corzine is not.


Crime continues to hit parts of Trenton, despite the freezing temperatures of the last few days. I thought winter was the slow crime season in T-Town, and also, isn’t crime down, Mr. Santiago. Can’t wait to see what the summer is like…


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