Residents call out police, threats of violence made

Groups of people protesting what they call a case of unnecessary and deadly police force seemed to call for retaliatory violence against members of the Trenton Police Department in a report published in Wednesday’s Trentonian.

Divine Allah – also known as Brian Bethea – said something about police officers holding “a funeral of their own” to a reporter at the rally, where dozens had gathered to make a show of support for a Trenton man who officials say died of a heart attack after being subdued by Trenton police.

Ronald “Brick” Wilson apparently passed away after Trenton police had to physically restrain him following a motor vehicle accident Saturday night, after Mr. Wilson tried to walk away from the scene, police said.

Mr. Wilson may have been high on one or more narcotics at the time of the incident, police said.

Friends, family, and neighbors have made claims that Mr. Wilson was savagely beaten by the police and died of injuries sustained during the assault, citing both stories from alleged eyewitnesses and the condition of Mr. Wilson’s corpse following the incident.

Trenton Internal Affairs and the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office are conducting their own investigation of the incident, and have not released their findings, but it seems like protesters and others making claims of police brutality are being a bit hasty with drawing their conclusions.

Numerous people claim to have seen the events leading to the death of Mr. Wilson, but this seems slightly far-fetched, especially given the bad outdoor conditions at the time of the incident.

At the time Trenton experienced a major wind and rain storm that knocked down power lines, trees, and even tore the roof off of several South Trenton structures.

While the people rallying for their fallen friend could be right, it seems a little premature to begin throwing around accusations of excessive force and police brutality when an investigation has not even been concluded yet.

Despite occasional controversies and its politicization, the vast majority of the Trenton Police Department is a skilled and professional force that upholds the law at all times.

Also of note is that the death of Mr. Wilson seems to be one of the few times in recent memory that people in Trenton have actually come forward after witnessing violence. Police investigation of other violent crimes in the city usually find few witnesses, if any.


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