More hypocrisy from Trenton’s missing mayor

A TrentonSpeaks poster correctly pointed out that an angry comment from Mayor Douglas H. Palmer in Wednesday’s Trentonian highlighted exactly what is so wrong with the way City Council members never seem to get the information they need from administration officials to deliberate and vote on pieces of legislation.

“Members who make statements without knowledge are nothing short of irresponsible,” said Mayor Palmer, referring to comments from Councilman Gino Melone, who noted the dispersal of units stationed on crime-plagued Walnut Avenue in his own East Ward.

What lies behind City Council members working, voting, and now commenting in the media while existing in an information blackout is the policy of disrespect and stonewalling that continues to be utilized by administration officials like Business Administrator Jane Feigenbaum and Chief of Staff Renee Haynes.

Now it seems that Mayor Palmer is offended by council members making statements without knowing the facts. Well, if that’s the case, then it follows that taking votes, awarding contracts and handing over city money without knowing the facts is surely an even more irresponsible action than simply commenting on the correlation between a drop in police coverage and heinous criminal acts.

It can even be said that Mayor Palmer’s heated comments in some way vindicate the actions of a majority of council last week, in refusing to move on any agenda items because of continued disrespect from administration officials in the form of ignoring repeated requests for information.

I’ll say it again: more stonewalling and disrespect can only be met with more hard line tactics, in the form of more work stoppages or better yet, the sacrifice of an administration official or two through a council vote of removal.


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