Doug Palmer: All words, no results

Hopefully Sen. Barack Obama won’t be fooled into handing Trenton Mayor Doug Palmer some sort of federal position, should Sen. Obama win the presidential election in the fall.

Despite strong support for Sen. Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary battle, the toothy smile of Doug Palmer has made appearances in numerous photos and press releases with Sen. Obama of late on the city’s Palmer Public Relations portal – the official city web site.

Particular disturbing were direct quotes from Sen. Obama about how Doug suggested a particular program or urban policy that the presidential hopeful took a liking to.

Sen. Obama beware, because, as TrentonKat has pointed out recently, Mayor Palmer’s world is full of words and devoid of any real action.

Trenton’s mayor is little more than a public appearance marionette, quick to travel around the country making speeches about non-existent programs or policies that have little or no effect on those living in his hometown. The same problems are here, day-in and day-out, just as the same phantom policies, speeches, and developments are forever trumpeted by Trenton’s missing mayor.

Wednesday was a perfect example, as reported by Old Mill Hill.

Another highly touted redevelopment project near the Trenton Transit Center was to be the subject of a public meeting held at City Hall, with Mayor Palmer and other city officials in attendance ostensibly to listen to public opinion, on what has become a hot issue with city residents due to the proposed demolition of two beloved Victorian mansions and a very convenient gas station.

But – as has become the custom at Trenton community meetings – the Fearless Leader who was supposed to make remarks and listen to the feelings of the Trenton faithful initially neglected to make an appearance.

A crowd already restless over another potentially ill-conceived redevelopment plan grew more restless, until someone actually roused Mayor Palmer from wherever he was, probably at either a city watering hole or at his home in Delaware Township.

The under-prepared leader finally made a belated appearance but failed miserably to calm the public, who had hoped for a true community dialogue but once again were treated to spoon-fed Palmer nonsense.

The city should just face it. Mayor Palmer has already moved on to bigger and better things, and it’s time for a city as a whole to move on.


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  1. Anonymous

    I think we should all send Mr. Obama some information regarding his new “buddy” and let him know how he really operates!

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