What is the plan?

With the usual summer crime wave plaguing some neighborhoods in New Jersey’s capital city, the Douglas H. Palmer administration has apparently taken the position that the city’s ousted police director can decide his own succession plan, at his leisure.

Also, while that process does or does not occur, the rest of the city will be kept in the dark over who exactly is taking over public safety responsibilities in Trenton.

Actually, what is going on right now with the status of former Police Director Joseph Santiago’s position really doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, given the political status quo here in Trenton.

That’s because, to state the obvious, not too many other mayors or associated administration officials in New Jersey would ever decide to keep their municipality out of the loop when it came to who was taking over the reins of power at the police department.

Most good public officials are somewhat accountable to their constituents, and the reason that most places enjoy such a peachy state of affairs is because the populace tends to hold their public officials accountable, at least when it comes to such important affairs as who is leading their multi-million dollar law enforcement organization.

But in Trenton, one of the many things that public officials lack is accountability. And that is just so much more clear when it appears the Palmer administration is doing absolutely nothing when it comes to ensuring a smooth transition into the post-Santiago years.

It amounts to just one more area of public policy where the people leading the City of Trenton come up woefully short, and what’s worse, most people could probably care less.


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  1. westwrdguy57

    Maybe the mayor, under that African sun, is deluded into thinking that Santiago is never leaving his position. I don’t feel Palmer thinks he is accountable to anyone. Now that he’s out there in Africa with the ex president of our country this place is the last thing on his mind. His ego must really flying high now. Didn’t the news say this is his second time out sharing a private jet with Clinton? But here across the seas, the mad everyday violence persists and he goes gallivanting off just as he has been doing right along, believing our city will run on automatic pilot. His claims this trip will benefit us here somehow is ridiculous. After visiting the poorest countries in the world, he may tell us we have it way too good here and need to raise taxes a third time this year. This way we may continue enjoying our piece of utopian life. He did mention before leaving that he would explain all about the trip when he returns. Can hardly wait to hear all about it.

    But furthering his political agenda and kowtowing to the higher ups in politics is about all he cares for.

    Trenton PAL is about to close its doors forever for a lack of funding. I never heard Palmer offer any viable solutions into how he could save this wonderful program that for decades has done so much good for the youth in many ways.

    My own kid played for 4 years on the PAL baseball team. All they ever asked of us was the cost of uniforms. The coaches there did a great job of teaching him how to play the sport, a not so easy task for my son, but they stuck right with him till the end. I’m surprised someone couldn’t come up with a plan to save them. They did not have a very large budget,(was a little amazed just how very small). One would think some citizens would get together and raise money somehow…anything. It makes you wonder when all our mayor gave was a short speech about how sorry he was they cannot stay, the goods they have done, and so on. He seemed, well, sincere, which has become easy for him after 2 decades in office. I guess he felt that is all was required of him.

    Our police force has the biggest operating budget other than the school system. Someone must find strong leadership, and quickly, to steer this massive department or the city will have even bigger problems within the hierarchy.

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