Corzine attacks EPA biofuel goals

The diversion of millions of acres of farmlands from the production of dedicated foodstuffs to the production of biofuel crops is said to be partially responsible for a spike in food prices that now affects all Americans every time they hit up the local grocery store.

Recognizing that, New Jersey Gov. Jon S. Corzine took a shot at the United States Environmental Protection Agency on Friday, after the officials at the organization made a decision to maintain the nationwide Renewable Fuels Standard at its current level.

Th decisions means biofuel production goal will remain at nine billions gallons of biofuel for this year, with an increase set for 2009.

“Corn belongs on the tables of our hard-working families, not in the gas tank,” said Gov. Corzine, in a statement. “The EPA’s decision is regrettable because food-to-fuel mandates drive up food prices and may do more to harm the environment than good.”

Food prices have suffered an incredible upward shift since biofuel production caused numerous farmers to cease production of food crops and switch over to the production of crops dedicated for use as fuel.

In addition to those market effects, Gov. Corzine said that U.S. biofuel goals mean farmers will step up the clearing of open space for use as farmland for both foodstuffs and additional biofuel-producing acres, resulting in increased deforestation and increased carbon emissions.


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One response to “Corzine attacks EPA biofuel goals

  1. Nicholas Stewart

    Attention should also be placed on U.S. Government’s farm subsidy programs. They prevent production of crops in some cases or control flow to market in others. In both cases, driving price up.
    Pass that along to Washington, Gov. Corzine (Former U.S. Senator, NJ)

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