Bradley says he lives in Trenton

Trenton Communications Director Irving Bradley, targeted for removal by some who say he lives outside Trenton in violation of city law, told a Times of Trenton reporter that he resides within the city’s Broad Street Bank building, although he would not elaborate on his family’s place of residence.

If Mr. Bradley’s family resides is still residing in Rahway, it would appear that Mr. Bradley is in violation of the city’s residency ordinance. But it has been speculated that perhaps the director could feign separation or estrangement from his wife to beat any residency charges, although that information has not been confirmed.

His statements on residency apparently came during interviews with a Times of Trenton reporter, according to someone familiar with the exchange, who said the director claimed that he resides in the downtown Trenton apartment building “six or seven days a week”, according to the piece.

The Trenton Resident’s Action Coalition – of which the author is a member – had turned its gaze onto Mr. Bradley of late, with the goal of ousting the director for violating the city’s residency law in addition to being declared unqualified for his position by state personnel officials.

TRAC member Frank Weeden authored a letter that was recently delivered to City Council and Douglas H. Palmer administration officials calling for an investigation and timely resolution of the matter, through a termination of Mr. Bradley’s employment.

Mr. Bradley has been seen at the Broad Street Bank building very infrequently, according to some building employees. Also, his name did not appear on a fairly recent tenant manifest listing tenants and their respective occupied apartments.

Mr. Bradley was known to make frequent trips up to his Rahway home. He was caught doing so on film late last fall, having parked a city Ford Expedition in the street in front of his Rahway in broad daylight on a weekend day.



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2 responses to “Bradley says he lives in Trenton

  1. Chrissy

    This sort of stuff doesn’t happen anywhere else except in Trenton. Oh, and maybe Newark and Camden, which is nothing to be proud of.

    These residency violations NEED to stop; but in the case of Bradley, the fact he’s been deemed unqualified for his position (one that Trenton doesn’t even need anyway) supersedes the residency complaint, in my book. That he’s allowed to keep his position and car and other perks, is a mockery of the decent citizens of Trenton, and also, law-abiding people everywhere.

  2. Old Mill Hill

    I checked with an attorney who specializes in family law.

    The answer I received was that there is no defined status in NJ known as a “legal separation”; nor does this attorney have any clue as to what an “illegal separation” would be!

    “One is either single, married or divorced. A married individual may be separated from their spouse and may being residing somewhere other than the former marital residence but they are still married until a Judgment of Divorce has been issued by the court.”

    My consultant shares the opinion that this is nothing more than a smoke screen and an effort to buttress Bradley’s claim that he resides in Trenton because he no longer lives with his Wife.

    Councilman Coston has submitted his (the public’s) questions in writing.

    It will be interesting to see what the Administration comes back with.

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