Mayor Palmer has moved on

Doug Palmer just doesn’t get it.

Traveling around the nation touting non-existent programs in some warped attempt to gain higher office is not what it is to be a good public servant or a good public policymaker, yet that is exactly what Trenton’s mayor seems to think.

That much was clear on Thursday.

Again, Trentonians subjected to the stigma that comes from living in a city where some neighborhoods receive a daily barrage of violence and social chaos were also forced to swallow more mindless drivel from their fearless leader yesterday, who apparently fled city limits again to make an appearance in New York.

Yes, the absentee meter has gone off repeatedly of late, with Mayor Palmer making trips to Pittsburgh, Africa, Philadelphia, and now the Big Apple, yet Trentonians have little to show for it.

Case in point: while members of the U.S. Conference of Mayors have chosen to push for more state and federal assistance in shoring up the deteriorating infrastructure that caused such disasters as Katrina and the Minneapolis bridge collapse, Mayor Palmer decided to tout some rather minor city programs and some larger projects that have not even really gotten off the ground.

“In my city, we are implementing long-term plans for infrastructure upgrades, including street repaving, relining water mains, working with the state to modernize the Route 29 freeway in ways that spur downtown revitalization, and transforming brownfields for homeownership and commerce,” said Mayor Palmer, in a city-funded statement. “But it is way past time to increase federal support and put in place tax incentives, bonds, and other measures that assist state and local governments.”

But Mayor Palmer, what of the crime, what of the poverty, what of the bloated, top-heavy city government that relies on double standards, favoritism, and hypocrisy as its watchword? What is pipe-cleaning, energy-efficient street lights, and this mysterious “green” economy doing to address these problems?

Trenton and other cities suffering from absentee executives who tout nonexistent or insignificant programs need to listen up. Bloated, bogus windbag politicians lead only further down the path of urban decay.

Mayoral candidates in the 2010 election need to be willing to spend more of their time here than King Douglas, and they must provide real solutions that improve the lives of actual city residents, and not the political elite or erstwhile sycophants riding upon the coattails of an arrogant politician.

It’s high time that the Doug Palmer, Esquire era end, so everyone else can move on.


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One response to “Mayor Palmer has moved on

  1. westwrdguy57

    I commented before about the mayor not residing in the city. By his remaining quiet about that only makes him appear guiltier. In theory, if someone makes a false statement toward another then human nature should dictate that the accused defend himself. This is simple logic concerning behavior and tells us then that it is true, that he does not reside here. Even though behavior follows no strict logic and cannot be predicted with any accuracy, where lying and/or cheating are involved, one’s very reaction to being accused of any one of these most powerful indiscretions of human character do come very close to following some reason. It’s just that sometimes people’s egos grow so large, they probably feel beyond reproach. I could expound further on this topic but let’s say this much I feel is truth.

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