Rumors: Palmer to resign

Mayor Douglas H. Palmer, the longtime mayor who has presided over the latest period of Trenton’s economic and social decline, could resign as early as next month, possibly to take a position somewhere in the federal government, according to multiple people in the city.

Mayor Palmer infamously supported Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., in the presidential election despite his city’s overwhelming support for President-elect Barack Obama.  However, Mr. Obama’s decision to hand the secretary of state position to Ms. Clinton means that Mayor Palmer was granted a reprieve for his initial loyalties.

Apparently the preferred successor in Trenton is Council President Paul Pintella, but those same people say that the ineffective councilman probably does not have enough votes on council to be appointed mayor, meaning the city could face a special election sometime in early 2009.

Mayor Palmer’s possible exit from the scene will no doubt hand many in Trenton a heavy dose of mixed feelings. The city has surely suffered under his selfish and incompetent leadership, but delivering this city from the shackles of his ego could only mean that his toxic governing tendencies would be foisted onto a grander stage.

In fact, most reasonable people probably would rather see the much-maligned mayor exit from the public realm altogether, but that might not be an option at this time.

One can only hope that the Obama administration, should that be where Mayor Palmer is headed, does proper background research on this man, who is little more than an expensive suit, a toothy smile, and a vindictive egomaniac.


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