Lartigue wins Dana Rone award

Mayor Douglas H. Palmer isn’t the only city official getting attention outside of Trenton.

West Ward councilwoman and 2010 mayoral candidate Annette Lartigue is getting her own share of the spotlight, and not for any particularly positive reason.

In completing their year in review piece, the editors at opted to bestow a 2008 Dana Rone award on the councilwoman.  Specifically, they cited her efforts in interfering with Trenton police officers who had executed a traffic stop on her daughter.

As stated in their explanation, Ms. Lartigue’s daughter was pulled over for talking on a cell phone.  The award explanation states that Ms. Lartigue’s daughter handed the phone over to a responding Trenton police sergeant, who allegedly heard the councilwoman instruct him to “stand down”.  Other reports had the daughter telling the police that her mother was very powerful and that she “knew the mayor.”

That was enough for the statewide political Web site to select the councilwoman for the award, which is named after the Newark councilwoman who was thrown out of office for engaging in similar activity.

Ms. Rone stopped traffic and nearly physically assaulted a police officer who had stopped one of her family members, in what appeared to be an attempt to use her status as an elected official to blunt the equal application of the law.


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  1. LOL. Well, if you can’t be famous, infamous will have to do.

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