Sign those cars away

The widespread usage of city vehicles by employees required by law to live within the City of Trenton is so absurd that many of these employees are willing to literally sign away their use of such vehicles.

This has been demonstrated in an ongoing petition drive orchestrated by the Trenton Residents Action Coalition, whose membership seeks to get a vehicle control ordinance on the ballot for possible passage by city voters.

The ordinance would require periodic vehicle inventories to be conducted by the city administration, with the proviso that the only employees who should be provided with such a benefit are those who need a city vehicle to effectively perform their duties.

Since most employees use their vehicle for personal travel and a short daily commute to City Hall, the latter stipulation means that the vast majority of city employees would lose their vehicles.

The willingness of city employees – one of whom signed the petition standing next to her brand-new city-owned Ford Escape hybrid – illustrates the absurdity of such a perquisite, which is of absolutely no benefit to the taxpayers of Trenton.

Even some of the people who are using these vehicles think the practice is stupid, although many other employees are of a different mindset. They believe that somehow their employment entitles them to driving a city car.

Maybe such a notion could have validity in some rich suburb or affluent metropolis, but the fiscal instability of the City of Trenton means that having these vehicles is no longer an option.

Support the car ordinance.


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One response to “Sign those cars away

  1. oldmillhill

    And how many of these employees with city vehicles have claimed that benefit on their income taxes?

    Or is the administration aiding and abetting income tax invasion for employees now?

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