Palmer-rot is spreading

Disdain for the rule of law, which Trenton’s mayor exhibits so frequently, seems to be taking seed among a variety of residents and officials in the city.

City leaders and others who were so stalwart during the residency fight over the former police director, Joseph Santiago, are now backing off when it comes to his successor, Irving Bradley Jr., due to Mr. Bradley’s activities since gaining the office.

They are taking a position that Mr. Bradley’s success in de-politicizing the department and taking it in a completely different direction somehow merits bending or breaking of the residency law – a wholly un-American concept.

Mr. Bradley deserves extra consideration, they say, of a kind not granted to dozens of other employees who broke residency and were properly and summarily terminated by Mayor Douglas H. Palmer’s administration, without regard to their work record.

Such trampling of an important city law is a despicable activity, but it serves one good purpose. Unless they are doing so out of misinformation or incompetence, anyone who takes this untenable position is revealing their lack of integrity and a lack of respect for the rule of law, for all to see.

They are wrong, and deep down they know it.



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2 responses to “Palmer-rot is spreading

  1. I hope that reason will prevail in the end. It is truly unfortunate that Dir. Bradley has not moved into the city of Trenton considering his high marks thus far.

  2. Richard Osvai

    Director Bradley is a new broom sweeping clean. He needs to gain the trust of the men and women of the Police Department, to do this he treats them with respect and listen’s to problems withing the department and the citizens of Trenton. People of Trenton and city council, please open your eyes! First of all no matter how much people like this guy, he does not live in Trenton.
    Second, look at the turmoil and lawsuits his actions have brought against the city, himself and people working under him in the communications center. Have a long hard look at what is being said by Director Bradley to the men and women who work in the communciations center, the words they speak are not lies but truth. Dir. Bradley brings nothing to the table, only a smile and a pat on the back to the men and women in blue. He has no great ideas, no master plans. The Officer’s of the Trenton Police Department have the idea’s and plans, not him, Bradley has nothing. He’s a new broom sweeping clean but smiling and playing nice to the people and officers, this man is not to be trusted, he comes from the same seed that brought Joe Santiago.

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