Trenton city government caps decade-long effort to relieve city of last remaining revenue-generating asset

This post’s absurdly long headline is a perversion of the headline on the latest piece of taxpayer-funded propaganda to issue forth from the hallowed halls of 319 E. State Street.

Along with a city press release announcing the looming sale of Trenton Water Works infrastructure in the suburbs, the Palmer administration amazingly posted public documents detailing the sale on its Web site, despite acting Business Administrator Dennis Gonzalez’s promise not to do so.

The complete confidence with which the city administration posted these documents makes it seem that once again City Council has capitulated in the face of an administration initiative, and a highly questionable one at that.

Although the administration is ultimately responsible for developing this idiotic water deal, it should be noted that City Council is more than complicit in this entire situation, like many other problems council has dealt with.

Council is not just a weak and silent partner, and even if its members were, City Council is not the place for such people.

City Council’s past mistakes in failing to hold the administration accountable – regardless of late budget introductions and other crafty administrative ploys – mean that the city’s fiscal problems have compounded.

They have grown to the point where drastic actions that have long-term implications become more attractive, like selling off recurring revenue generators for less than two years’ worth of cash.

The city would be better served by council members who are willing to uphold the oath of office and use all of their powers to ensure effective governing in Trenton, to prevent fiscal problems and others from getting to this point. 

Until people who are willing to do these things in a reliable manner sit on council, city residents would be ill-advised to expect any major change in the city’s condition.

Again, next year’s election grows even more important.


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