Water sale petition underway

A petition drive aimed at halting the sale of outlying Trenton Water Works infrastructure kicked off in Trenton this weekend, with organizers gathering at the Wishie Washie Coin Op on Lalor Street throughout the weekend.

Led by Trenton Council of Civic Associations President Mike McGrath, the effort seeks to gather over 1100 signatures from registered Trenton voters by no later than Feb. 23, at which point the ordinance memorializing the sale would once again be brought to the City Council members who passed it by a vote of 5 to 2 last week.

Council members would have an opportunity to vote on the ordinance again, with the likely outcome of passing it once more meaning the measure would head to the voters of Trenton, for a final say on whether it should go through or not.

While administration supporters and others are touting the sale as a good way to rid the city of maintenance and capital costs involved in the system’s piping and other infrastructure, they seem to be ignorant of the benefit of having 40,000 suburban users who dutifully pay water bills each quarter.

Losing those customers will mean a multimillion-dollar drop in local revenues in return for a short-term infusion of cash that administration officials admit will disappear in a little more than one years, at which point Trenton will once again be faced with crippling budget shortfalls without the benefit of a major revenue-generating asset.

Contact Mr. McGrath at mmcgrath@hiltonia.org for more information on the petition, which can be downloaded at http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=d96rgh4_11ctzrxvxg.


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  1. ScoobyVooDoo

    Thanks for all the hard work on your blog. In addition to your opinion, you fill a gap in community reporting, which is ever more important in times like these.

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