Empty promises, empty threats

It would be interesting to know what Gov. Jon S. Corzine thinks of a potential lieutenant governor/gubernatorial running mate’s decision to threaten residents with massive tax increases.

He does happen to be the governor who pushed through the local tax levy law that capped increases over a previous year’s levy at 4 percent.

Maybe Trenton Mayor Douglas H. Palmer’s threats of tax increases that appear to be well in excess of 4 percent of last year’s $50 million levy would rub the professed financial wizard the wrong way.

Besides that possibility, one thing is certain.

With a running mate selection of Mayor Palmer the mayor’s previous statements, among other things, could come back to haunt the Corzine-Palmer ticket.  They would surely provide valuable campaign fodder type for Republican opponents, whomever their candidate ends up being.

These warnings of unbearable tax increases come as citizens gather signatures on a petition that could put a stake through the heart of a plan to sell off part of the Trenton Water Works for cash to plug budget shortfalls.

The threats continue to ring hollow in Trenton, as The Trentonian’s Joe D’Aquila pointed out today, judging from the potential lieutenant governor candidate’s past predictions of doom and gloom.

There were the predictions of the imminent collapse of the city with the departure of former Police Director Joseph Santiago, or the temporary ousting of gang czar Barry Colicelli.

Last I checked, the city is still here.


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One response to “Empty promises, empty threats

  1. Watcher

    From what we can see, there is no love lost between Corzine and Palmer. The once rumored pairing in this year’s gubernatorial race is a long-shot at best.

    Besides personal feelings, Corzine has an uphill battle against likely GOP nominee Chris Christie.

    The Palmer baggage would be way too big a drag on the Corzine campaign.

    This latest round of fear-mongering from Trenton’s would-be king is not going to win Palmer any friends in the state house or with thinking voters around the state.

    Oh, and that’s another thing…who in their right mind would look at what’s happened in Trenton over the past two decades and (rightly or wrongly) cast a vote to move the mayor who presided over this mess into a higher office?

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