Coston: South Ward center will reopen

A South Ward community center that the Palmer administration inexplicably shuttered without warning this year will be reopened, South Ward Councilman Jim Coston announced on his blog Thursday.

The South Broad Street facility, which also houses some police-related offices, was closed in late January as part of a consolidation plan that saved the city approximately $50,000, while casting out groups of seniors that frequented the center.

Mr. Coston, who was not aware of the closure plan until the last minute, wrote that there were some positive developments regarding the center’s potential reopening.

“Never fear, I’m working on this and there are some very hopeful developments,” he wrote.

He also guaranteed the center’s reopening.

The January closure forced seniors to make the trip to the Samuel Naples Senior Center on Chestnut Avenue in Chambersburg, approximately a half-mile away from the South Ward center’s location at 870 South Broad Street, near the intersection of South Broad and Cass streets.

The continued use of the facility by several special police units eliminated any possible cost savings from the building’s closure, Mr. Coston has said.

The continued employment of most of the South Ward center’s employees at other locations also mitigates much of the potential savings in personnel costs, according to the councilman.



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2 responses to “Coston: South Ward center will reopen

  1. C.O.S.

    The South Ward Senior Center will not be opened.

    Coston does not have four votes to alter spending or five to add spending to this budget.

  2. I can’t wait to see how this is spun next year. Thankfully, Coston does not face a credible threat to his re-election, just a collar-popped Palmer/Parker acolyte.

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