Guv names federal oversight team

Gov. Jon S. Corzine said Monday that his chief of staff, Ed McBride, and state Comptroller Matthew Boxer will lead the group charged with administering the state’s expected $17.4 billion in federal stimulus.

The announcement came as Gov. Corzine completed a three-day meeting of the National Governor’s Association in Washington, D.C., that concluded with a governors-only meeting with President Obama and top administration officials.

New Jersey is set to receive some $17.4 billion in stimulus, according to the Center for American Progress, with $7.2 billion in tax cuts planned to provide relief for more than 3.5 million state taxpayers.

The tax cuts could take effect as soon as next week’s paycheck for some residents, according to the governor’s office, which released a statement outlining planned use of federal stimulus dollars for replenishing state unemployment benefits, which have come under increasing strain as the economy continues to sour.

 Other programs benefiting from the stimulus include other social benefit programs along with a variety of construction projects and infrastructure investments, including millions of dollars’ worth of work in the City of Trenton alone.


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