Gonzalez: city “a dump before we got here.”

L.A. Parker probably said it best on his Thursday radio show – no one should hold Trenton hostage.

He’s right, and Mayor Douglas H. Palmer should take that advice by stopping the Trenton Water Works sale and working with residents to find solutions to the city’s widening fiscal disaster, instead of threatening tax increases, filing lawsuits, and alternatively inviting adversaries to pointless public meetings.

I mean really, which is it Mayor Palmer?

You invite the city residents petitioning to stop the $80 million sale to a public forum to discuss the misguided initiative as an offer of an olive branch, the very same day that you bludgeon them over the head with more tax increase threats and have officials serve them with lawsuit papers.

Such actions show the kind of disrespect the mayor holds for many city residents, and that disrespect continues to leak down through the ranks of city officials.

Business Administrator Dennis Gonzalez, while admitting the sale is an act of desperation and that the city will face larger budget problems in less than 18 months, told Mill Hill residents Wednesday that Trenton “was a dump” when he got there.

More than one person in the room took offense to such comments, and rightfully so.

Good city residents have pride in Trenton and don’t want to see half of its last remaining asset literally sold up the river to stave off tax increases for less than 18 months.

Do that, and we’ll really see what “a dump” looks like.


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