An entitlement society

I heard an interesting thing tonight.

I was told that urban mayors like Trenton’s Douglas H. Palmer deserve entitlements in the form of city police bodyguards and expanding levels of administrative government, as in a chief of staff and all the trappings that go with such an office.

The argument offered was that Trenton is an urban area rife with gang violence and substantial population, legitimizing two or three police bodyguards paid at upwards of $80,000 a year and an extra layer of government at the state taxpayers’ expense in funding a welfare city.

Of course, such arguments came from state politicos living in far-flung places who fail to grasp the type of mismanagement exemplified by a city mayor being guarded at downtown eateries  by city police who ought to be fighting city crime.

I don’t buy such ideas, and if these are what’s being offered in the hallowed halls of Drumthwacket, then the 9-point poll deficit faced by Gov. Jon S. Corzine is certainly not an anomaly, despite what his staffers might say.

We, as Trenton taxpayers, refuse to believe that somehow our top executive officer deserves treatment afforded to mayors of much larger New Jersey cities.

This is Trenton.

Our population has been on the decline, our tax base has been on the decline, yet taxpayers are forced to accept the idea that somehow the mayor who has sworn that crime is down and that gangs are a new phenomenon needs the protection of two or maybe three city officers compensated at way over $80,000 a year.

Maybe it’s time for change at the very top of state government, and maybe the time is now.


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