Mr. Mac, Palmer’s flack

Trenton Water Works Superintendent Joseph McIntyre has been making the rounds to support the suspended sale of water works infrastructure in the suburbs, through several recent visits to city civic associations.

Wednesday night in Glen Afton, where residents were actually armed with facts, figures, and questions, meeting attendees said Mr. McIntyre did a poor job and revealed the sale to be what it really is – a shortsighted plant that make zero business sense and will totally compromise Trenton’s fiscal condition. He actually turned most of the meeting against the sale, according to residents.

He could not answer anything about the undisputed utility numbers provided by Business Administrator Dennis Gonzalez in recent weeks. Mr. Gonzalez has confirmed the current utility projects to make $25 million in annual revenue from the suburbs, yet the sale will slash that figure to around $9.6 million in wholesale water sales.

Along with disputed savings of $4 million, the sale means utility will operate at a deficit for years to come that will have to be reconciled by hitting the wallets of city taxpayers even more.

Mr. McIntyre, who would presumably know the ins and outs of the utility he is responsible for, made the bizarre comment that sale numbers weren’t provided to Trenton residents because they don’t have the intelligence to understand them, and that people should go to City Council with such questions.

In Villa Park and Chambersburg Mr. McIntyre had better results, although those two civic associations have been compromised by their councilman, Geno Melone, and his new, unwavering support for Doug Palmer.

Chambersburg suffers from the fact that Palmerista Peter Page helps run the association in the ‘Burg.

Both associations inexplicably endorsed the deal today after being shown the same public relations documents threatening massive tax increases should the sale not go through.

The same documents do not, however, show larger increases in less than 15 months even WITH the sale, nor do they show any revenue figures about how great a cash cow the utility really is.

One cannot fault the citizens in Villa Park or Chambersburg, both wonderful Trenton neighborhoods, because they simply have not seen the facts on the deal.

Rather, they have been subjected to propaganda tactics and the political machinations of people like Mr. Melone and Mr. Page, who are beholden to the Palmer administration.

Someone needs to get them the facts, and soon.


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  1. Algernon Ward

    Very good detailed work. You have done a service for the people of Trenton.

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