Uncharacteristically quiet

The City of Trenton has removed many of its Trenton Water Works deal propaganda pieces from the city Web site in recent days, perhaps indicating a reduction in the tension that permeated the city only a few weeks ago.

The controversy, however, is still simmering beneath the surface and could boil over at any moment. Residents whose protest petition was invalidated in Mercer County Superior Court still have some 30-odd days to appeal the decision, and it appears doing so may have a very high likelihood of success.

A widespread lack of confidence in the court decision is evident, on the part of city officials and New Jersey American Water Co, the company set to purchase the city’s revenue producing suburban water.

The sale seems to have stalled as the petitioners slowly deliberate on their next move.

Calm and slow consideration of an appeal is surely warranted, given how every piece of budget information and every budget deadline the city government threatened taxpayers with during the water battle prior to the court decision seems to have been thrown out the window.

Adding to this environment of untruthfulness and obfuscation is news that the city’s mayor, clerk, business administrator, and department directors all received massive pay increases that appear to have no basis in any city ordinance or law, at a time when the city is laying off workers and selling assets to plug budget shortfalls.

Tread carefully, Trentonians, things could explode at any time.


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