Locked in a bar

I had one of my more interesting Trenton experiences Saturday night, or more accurately, early Sunday morning, which has strongly reinforced my resolve to better this town.

After delivering my mother from the Trenton Transit Center to our family home in West Windsor Township, I made the trip back to my favorite city at around 12:30 a.m. Sunday.  Not tired in the least, I decided to walk over to a well-known public house on the corner of Market and Broad streets to imbibe for an hour or so prior to last call.

I found the place relatively empty, with a few souls chatting in the downstairs bar and pretty much the same situation upstairs.

Things got more interesting, to say the least, at the time of last call.

Several patrons came downstairs and informed us that police officers were blocking off not only the front door of the establishment, but the entire section of South Broad Street between Market Street and the intersection with Centre Street.

A man was apparently shot multiple times and critically injured at a next-door eatery, following some sort of altercation at a club in the Trenton Makes complex down South Broad Street in the area of the former Sovereign Bank Arena.

Others who left the same nightclub were also shot and wounded, according to local reports.

This kind of stuff drives me crazy, in that it reinforces all of the stereotypes and prejudices about Trenton that thrive in the minds of suburbanites and others who have forsaken the city and fled to live in little houses made of ticky-tacky in the surrounding areas.

One isolated incident like this – the first in the Broad/Market area for more than 16 months – is all it takes to tear down a little good will or the warming of mindset among those who fear life in our little city.

Trentonians must work all the more diligently to improve their surroundings and destroy such imagery, and it starts in the city government.  City Hall represents our strongest tool in combating the economic and social forces that drive a man to decide that shooting an enemy inside an eatery at 2 a.m. is the best possible option.

We need to shape our government and its activities so that makig such a decision is no longer an option at all.


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