Trenton Water Works conference/rally set for Tuesday

A rally and press conference commemorating the start of the appeals process in the battle to keep suburban Trenton Water Works infrastructure as property of the citizens of Trenton will be held Tuesday, from 1 to 2 p.m., on the steps of the Mercer County Courthouse on South Broad Street.

The rally is scheduled to occur one day after the residents who organized a protest petition against the sale of Trenton Water Works suburban infrastructure to New Jersey American Water Co. will file a motion for reconsideration with Judge Linda Feinberg, who ruled the petition invalid on March 17.

The petitioners believe a 2006 study that looked into the feasibility of separating the city infrastructure from the suburban infrastructure that was not filed with the court for the March 17 hearing shows the system to be a single, unified water utility.

Judge Feinberg’s decision was based on the notion that the utility was in fact two systems, providing a foundation for a ruling that state law that exempts certain utility sales from mandatory referenda applies to the water works sale ordinance that was protested.

The petitioners said they plan on filing an appeal with the state Appellate Division should Judge Feinberg fail to reconsider her earlier decision.


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