Nineteen Eighty-Four

A deluge of doublethink is raining down on Trenton right now.

City residents have begun working towards an appeal of a March 17 court decision that froze the push to put the $80 million sale of revenue-generating Trenton Water Works suburban infrastructure to a vote.

When asked to comment on the news that city residents have begun working towards the appeal based on the discovery of documents showing the true, singular nature of the utility, city bond counsel Ed McManimon spoke perfect Palmerese in openly admitting the utility is a single system while maintaining the official Palmer line of two separate water systems, inside the city and outside the city.

“We admit there’s one integrated system. That is not the point,” said Mr. McManimon, to The Times of Trenton. “After the system is split, there isn’t one item that will service people in the city of Trenton.”

Well duh, counselor.

That’s the whole point – that today, pre sale, this is a single system in which storage tanks, pipes, and other infrastructure in the suburbs are crucial to getting water to the 58 percent of Trenton residents living in the higher elevations of the city

Such a point is important because the March 17 court decision to stop the sale protest petition relies wholly on the notion that exactly 0 percent of Trenton residents are served by the infrastructure set to be sold.

Of course, reality happens to be rather inconvenient for Mayor Douglas H. Palmer, Mr. McManimon, and the New Jersey American Water Co., the Wal-Mart of water.

The only recourse for the group is to continue the outbreak of Palmerese doublethink that has them saying the Trenton Water Works consists of two systems, not one, while readily admitting it be a single, integrated water utility.

Welcome to 1984.


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