Palmer has Corzine’s back

Trenton Mayor Douglas H. Palmer has Gov. Jon S. Corzine’s back when it comes to state pols questioning the governor’s activities leading up to the 2009 gubernatorial election.

Mayor Palmer defended the governor, juxtaposing himself against State Sen. Ronald Rice, D-Newark, in a piece published yesterday in which the legislator questioned the governor’s inability to bring minorities and women into the political fold.

“I intend to meet with the governor as chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus, as everybody, including Stevie Wonder can see women and minorities aren’t participating,” said Sen. Rice, to

Opposite Sen. Rice was Mayor Palmer, mentioned as being on the short list for the new lieutenant governor’s position, who vigorously defended the governor as a victim of the economic downturn and trumpeted Gov. Corzine’s ability to help out the state’s urban areas.

Mayor Palmer, constantly touting his “achievements” while in Trenton, apparently let down his political armor for a second and admitted to that it’s not all roses in the city.  He said Trenton needs help “to come back” and Gov. Corzine can help the city and others do that.

Well, Mayor Palmer, if you want Trenton to come back, the first thing you can do is resign your seat and leave politics forever.

And you, Gov. Corzine, should steer clear of lieutenant governor candidate’s with Mayor Palmer’s credentials, which include being partially responsible for Trenton’s continued economic slide.


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