The ship is sinking…

That the Republican Party is shedding political control to the Democrats like a fall Oak tree sheds leaves should come as no surprise, given the party’s idiotic pandering to extremist conservatives and ultra-right religious groups.

Arlen Specter, now D-Pennsylvania, and his Tuesday defection from the Republicans is more evidence of the party’s misplaced reliance on such fringe groups.  It is misplaced because such reliance marginalized moderates in the party and makes it nearly impossible for Northeast Republicans to hold onto elected office.

Mr. Specter’s defection came after he undertook sobering political calculations which revealed that his party’s continued lurch to the right (and the south) meant he had little chance of a Pennsylvania Republic primary victory against conservative Pat Toomey.

The writing is on the wall.

The Republican Party needs to seriously reexamine itself, in light of the party’s complete disarray in areas outside of the southern U.S. and the Midwest.

Continuing on a path that ignores fundamental ideological and cultural changes in the U.S. will only lead the party further down the path of becoming a third-rate, regional political organization that appeals solely to evangelical, ultraconservative loons.


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