Paper fight

The Bergen Record, is, well, reporting on itself today.

Apparently a Sunday story irked members of the hospital’s leadership, because of how it detailed how much of Hackensack Hospital’s board has become financially entangled with a  Bergen County Democratic machine that suddenly has significant business with the hospital.

In response, they have removed all Bergen Records from the hospital, ordered the paper to remove all newspaper boxes from the hospital property, and ordered the paper to stop delivering copies to the hospital gift shop, according to a Record story from today.

Remember, this is the same hospital that hired former state Sen. Joe Coniglio for that $5,000 a month position that ultimately led to his conviction on extortion and mail fraud charges.  Now it appears they are fully in bed and totally entangled with the Bergen Dems, of the Joe Ferriero variety.

It appears the hospital can’t deal with the repercussions of some of its hiring and management decisions, which have ultimately led to its association with the swirling vortex of New Jersey corruption.

Instead of braying and screaming about newspaper coverage of that unfortunate development, the hospital should realize that the best way to stay out of the paper for all of the wrong reasons is to stop engaging in activities that have the appearance of impropriety or extreme bad taste.

Realize this – newspapers may be shrinking and changing, but such activities gurantee coverage.


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