More library board blunders

The Trenton Library board of trustees’ Monday decision to continue to stonewall a foundation flush with funds ready for use at city libraries demonstrates just how poorly this board functions as stewards of this great city asset.

Our library system, remember, is in serious jeopardy because of the board’s mismanagement of the system’s formerly sizable endowment as well as the city’s precarious fiscal state.

These libraries need all the money they can get, yet this group of mayoral appointees continues to refuse to sign a memorandum of understanding with the community foundation as a prerequisite to receiving funds.

We know now that the continued delays stem from the fact that signing such an agreement probably  means a dose of accountability for a public body that is completely bereft of such a quality.

Anyone seeking evidence of this board’s complete lack of accountability and dysfunctional status can look no further than the fact that this board frittered away millions of dollars and operated without oversight, even to the point of lacking something as simple as a system of annual audits.

Now, lacking the funds to even operate properly, the library board refuses to accept financial assistance from Trenton residents and philanthropists simply because doing so would bring to the body an unacceptable level of accountability for its members and the man who appointed them, Mayor Douglas H. Palmer.

That’s right Trentonians.

Mayor Palmer and his library lackeys would rather render our library system penniless and drive it right into the ground than accept funds raised by members of our dedicated citizenry who insist on tying a measure of accountability to their money.


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