City workers beaten in savage West Ward attack

The state capital received regional press attention Tuesday when two Trenton Public Works employees were severely beaten in a West Ward attack that left one with a brain bleed and the other with a broken jaw.

Beating the local media to covering the attack was Channel 6 Actions News of Philadelphia, which reported that the Monday attack followed an exchange of words between one of the workers, who was driving a garbage truck, and a woman related to one of the attackers.

Following the exchange, both workers were assaulted outside of a restaurant on the corner of Prospect and Rutherford avenues in broad daylight by a group of men, one of whom was brandishing a handgun as a blunt-force weapon.

Channel 6 reported that At-large Councilman Manny Segura, a likely 2010 mayoral candidate, was the only city official to visit the municipal employees at the hospital, where one worker received emergency surgery to relieve pressure caused by intercranial bleeding from injuries he sustained during the attack.

It appears that not even city workers are safe on the streets of the “Wild, Wild” West Ward.


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