Here’s to the success of the Roebling project

News that some developers are interested in one of the host of former Roebling & Sons structures in Trenton’s South Ward is of the good variety.

Trenton is filled with wonderful yet long-abandoned structures and it seems the city has had little success generating interest in many of them, despite how attractive many seem for redevelopment purposes.

Luckily in this particular potential project the Mercer County Improvement Authority will have jurisdiction over much of the process, removing the negative pressures that always result when developers are forced to do business with city officials.

And even when the City of Trenton does get involved, some of the developers – like HHG Development – already have experience developing property in Trenton.

If ultimately a city-based company gets to develop the property, official shakedown tactics and other characteristics of the development process in Trenton probably won’t scare off its principals.

While other developers often balk and flee town at the first hint of such activity, Trenton’s established developers have already proven they can play the game and move forward with their developments.

They can do so despite the demands of Mayor Douglas H. Palmer and other city officials, who make the already risky process of developing property in Trenton even more difficult with extra demands.

With the existence of such demands it is amazing that any projects have moved forward in Trenton at all.  Conversely, it makes the frequent failure of many a highly touted project that much more believable.

You’d think that they already risky development and business climate in Trenton would drive a city administration to make development as easy as possible.

Then again, it is Trenton.



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3 responses to “Here’s to the success of the Roebling project

  1. Watcher

    But, Greg, you forget:

    The MCIA brought in the ill-fated Mannex Development project for that site.

    The MCIA brought in the “let’s put it over here; no, let’s put it over there” Performa Group and the no-go Trenton Foundry project.

    Oh, and speaking of, there was a prior incarnation of the Trenton Foundry project that featured a couple of well-connected but totally untrustworthy young bucks that wanted to develop “Building Four” across the street from the arena.

    Now, we do admit that was the MCIA under a different county administration, but still…look at the makeup of the MCIA board. More than half the members harken back to the “old regime” that oversaw the failed projects. And let’s not ignore that Mrs. Mayor Palmer is on the board…and has been since 2004.

    Sorry, but we don’t share your optimism that politics won’t muck up any deals pending for this parcel.

    • edjcrushr1

      Hopefully rumors of Palmer’s departure and the split with his wife are true, pulling the project out from under the usual Mercer County political cloud.

  2. Publius

    The MCIA is not much better than Trenton’s city administration, and it is less concerned with the concerns of city residents. I site for you the following MCIA deals: Mannex deal (or deals, if you prefer); Hill Motel site sale to the Concerned Pastors of Trenton for a pittance; Proforma deal.

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