Get real

Once again we see that some are mentioning Trenton Mayor Douglas H. Palmer as Gov. Jon S. Corzine’s pick for lieutenant governor following the governor’s near-certain primary victory tomorrow.

These people need to get back to reality.

Such a decision on Gov. Corzine’s part would probably be cause to have the former Goldman Sachs wizard committed to Trenton Psychiatric Hospital.

Mayor Palmer has proven himself to be worthless as a public servant, more adept at manipulating the power of incumbency and the irregularities of inner-city elections than solving the social and economic issues that plague parts of New Jersey’s great capital.

Trenton’s five-term mayor is the very embodiment of hypocrisy.  He has totally flip-flopped on a variety of issues – think residency for city police directors – reliably doing so whenever making  a switch improves the prospects for a particular piece of misguided public policy.

The Palmer administration attracts lawsuits from a variety of entities – citizens, police, firemen, other municipalities – to the same degree that abandoned Trenton row homes attract crackheads.

Mayor Palmer’s preferred city budget practices would result in certain statewide bankruptcy.  (Just think of the logic behind the Trenton Water Works deal applied to the state’s finances.)

Gov. Corzine has said he wants a lieutenant governor candidate who can attract the votes, which probably doesn’t bode well for Mayor Palmer either.  The current governor is likely to garner the majority of the urban vote regardless of the placement of Mayor Palmer’s name on the side of the ticket.

For all these reasons and more a decision to put Mayor Palmer in play as lieutenant governor is akin to Gov. Corzine putting a gigantic target sign on the Democratic ticket, and for that reason, it’s not going to happen.


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  1. watcher

    Corzine has a tough enough battle ahead of him. He doesn’t need the dead weight of Palmer as a running mate.

    Palmer “ship of fortune” is dead in the water.

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