TRAC to hit city with raise suit

When a Trenton Residents Action Coalition lawsuit targeting pay raises handed to our well-compensated city officialdom gets filed tomorrow in Mercer Superior Court, once again Trenton will see just how broken our city government really is.

On one hand we have people like Mayor Douglas Palmer and Assistant Business Administrator Dennis Gonzalez, who have become regular city scofflaws.

On the other we have a City Council whose members don’t even read the ordinances they pass.

They also lack the will to take action in the face of overwhelming evidence that the council and city residents have been hoodwinked by the city administration, such as in this raise situation.

Already, in The Times today, we see that Mayor Palmer has moved into standard conflict mode by trying to paint his antagonists in one hypocritical way or the other.

The man who benefited from these raises, this terrible example of helping one’s self to the public till, has of course chosen to paint the plaintiffs as wasteful of city money.

Don’t buy such nonsense.

The city has not one, but two well-compensated attorneys.

Both can handle such a case without the city spending an extra dime, as it did when Mayor Palmer assembled a high-priced legal team to defend himself and ex-Police Director Joseph Santiago from legal action from TRAC.

The only wasteful entity here is the Palmer administration, an administration adorned with the most costly attribute of all – blatant official arrogance.


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