Lt. guvs face campaign finance rules

Candidates running for the new lieutenant governor’s position in the November election will be subject to campaign finance requirements just like gubernatorial candidates after Gov. Jon S. Corzine signed legislation establishing the rules into law on Friday.

Trumpeted by state Assembly members Joan M.Quigley, D-Hudson, and Joseph Cryan, D-Union, the law basically means that candidates for governor and lieutenant governor running on the same ticket will be treated as a single candidate for campaign finance reporting purposes.

New Jersey’s fairly weak pay-to-play requirements also now apply to lieutenant governor candidates, as do requirements mandating that candidates disclose involvement in issue advocacy committees.

Also, lieutenant governor candidates whose partners opt to use public funds for their campaign will be required to participate in at least one debate, similarly to how gubernatorial candidates are required to participate in two debates when they use public financing.

Interestingly enough, Gov. Corzine, a Democrat like Mr. Quigley and Mr. Cryan, will be exempt from these debate requirements since he is financing his campaign using funds from his own personal fortune.

Neither Gov. Corzine are Republican candidate for governor Chris Christie have announced their choices for running mates at this time.


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