Don’t believe it

A one-page response by a water system expert has been excluded from the proceedings in the Trenton Water Works battle, in a rather unimportant development in the battle between city residents and city hall over the proposed $80 million sale of water infrastructure.

The  exclusion of the response, which addressed some faulty testimony submitted on behalf of the City of Trenton and New Jersey American Water Company, should have little impact on the end result of the battle.

The residents’ expert, who is indeed an expert, continues to take the position that more than 5 percent of Trenton’s population is served by the system, requiring a public referendum on the sale.

The Trentonian’s L.A. Parker erroneously reported on the significance of the development today, probably because the reporter failed to seek out comment from the other side of the issue.

Instead, he relied solely on statements from city Business Administrator Dennis Gonzalez, a known truth-bender.

The battle has not come “full-circle” as Mr. Gonzalez said, since the residents’ expert is still involved, unlike what was reported by Mr. Parker.

Also, even with a Feinberg ruling favorable to the city and the water company, the residents still have ample legal ground on which to pursue an appeal at the state Appellate Division level where the city has lost many a court battle.

Don’t believe everything you read in the papers, especially an article in which someone like Mr. Gonzalez is the sole source of information.


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