Musings on the aftermath of “Corruption Thursday”

Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano’s decision – at least for now – to remain in office despite the corruption charges he faces in connection with “Corruption Thursday” comes as no surprise.

This rising star of the Democratic Party – a newly-minted Hoboken mayor in his early 30s, rich, powerful, and set as the protégé of Gov. Jon S. Corzine’s personal friend and adviser, Angelo Genova – certainly has the most to lose among those netted in this shocker of an FBI investigation.

For Trentonians who don’t think they know this Cammarano guy, it should be remembered that Mr. Cammarano was in court with Mr. Genova during the Santiago residency affair.

Mr. Genova and Mr. Cammarano unsuccessfully defended Trenton Mayor Douglas H. Palmer in the case, which saw the two high-powered attorneys argue that Mayor Palmer, by virtue of his office, has the right to suspend ordained conditions of employment at will.

Turning to the shockwaves of Mr. Cammarano’s fall from grace, and that of the rest of his co-defendants, it can be said with assurance that his arrest certainly damages Gov. Corzine’s chances of reelection, similary to the resignation of state Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Joe Doria.

While Gov. Corzine has not been linked to any of the actual corruption, the fall of Mr. Cammarano and Mr. Doria will only reinforce just how bad corruption is in this state to the public, who will be forced to consider just how ineffective Gov. Corzine has been in dealing with the issue.

Add to that Republic Chris Christie’s demonstrated effectiveness in fighting graft, and you have a recipe for Democratic disaster in this year’s election.

It’s no wonder people are wondering aloud about replacing Jon’s name on the ticket with that of Newark Mayor Cory Booker.


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