Trenton to receive millions for South Warren & Market improvements

TRENTON, NJ – The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission has approved a $5,309,800 grant reallocation to the City of Trenton for improvements to South Warren Street and Market Streets.

The grant is from the Commission’s $40 million Compact Authorized Investment (CAI) program, which provides funding to local municipalities for transportation-related improvement projects within the Commission’s Pennsylvania/New Jersey river-region jurisdiction. The goal of the grant program is to ease congestion and improve traffic conditions on and around the Commission’s bridges and approach roadways.

“The commission created this grant program to fund needed transportation improvements in local communities that host our bridges,” said Frank G. McCartney, Executive Director of the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission. “This project developed by Trenton is designed to improve pedestrian safety, reduce congestion and improve traffic flow for area residents.”

The grant would be used to finance the Market and South Warren Streets Boulevard Project. The undertaking would consist of pedestrian-friendly streetscape improvements on Warren Street from the Lafayette Square Marriott to the Route 1 and on Market Street from Route 29 to Mercer Street. Under the city’s plans, the intersection of Warren and Market streets would be reconstructed and a roundabout would be constructed at the intersection of Livingston and Warren Streets. Traffic signals along Warren and Market streets would be reviewed and retimed to allow for more efficient progression of traffic along these routes.

The grant is a reallocation of an earlier $5,309,800 award that the Commission approved in September 2005.  The original grant was to be used to reconstruct South Warren Street through the Justice Center parking lot to the Commission’s Lower Trenton Toll-Supported Bridge. But the city abandoned that project in the fall of last year.

Trenton officials say the newer boulevard project, which has been in development for a number of years, could be completed sooner than the previous project.



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3 responses to “Trenton to receive millions for South Warren & Market improvements

  1. Nice but i think something is missing.

  2. Ted

    There was a huge flaw with the route 1 bridge that was apparently a part of its design criteria instead.

    The light timing at the S. Warren St. & Route 29 intersection, when you get off the first (newly redone) exit of the Route 1 bridge… it’s a pretty long wait. Cars stack up on S. Warren St. waiting for the light, and making a left onto Rte. 29 often takes 2 or 3 cycles of this extraordinarily long wait.

    It’s so bad that I almost never go that way anymore. Instead I found a shortcut – and I can PROVE it is indeed a shortcut, timewise, most of the time. I go through Morrisville, take the Calhoun Street bridge and hop onto Rte. 29 – then enjoy the extraordinarily long green light as I’m passing by S. Warren Street.

    Even if I’m actually wasting time, I’d rather go through Morrisville since traffic, even at the greatly antiquated Calhoun St. Bridge… moves at least.

    Knowing that area as well as I do, I see no justification for the ridiculous light timing at Warren & 29. It’s a luxury on 29 and hell on Warren. When will they wise up? My guess is never.

  3. Through you for details. It helped me in my task

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