Raise matter headed to court

Attorneys working for the Palmer administration have rejected a set of proposals submitted by Judge Linda Feinberg to resolve an impasse over an ordinance that handed top city officials thousands in salary increases last year.

The ordinance, which was vague and contained little information about the raises, has been targeted by the Trenton Residents Action Coalition for invalidation.

Two sitting City Council members admitted they were not aware that the raises were contained in the ordinance, which was described to council and noticed to the public solely as a measure approving union contracts.

Judge Feinberg, after reviewing the ordinance and briefs submitted by both sides, said the measure appeared to be invalid. She asked both sides to allow the raises to go back to City Council for another vote, or, in the alternative, be placed on the November ballot for the public to decide whether Mayor Palmer & Co. deserve untold thousands in extra compensation while the city cuts budgets and lays off workers.

Attorneys for the City of Trenton and Mayor Douglas H. Palmer, however, have apparently been instructed to fight the TRAC filings in open court because neither option is acceptable to the city government.

Such a decision sets the stage for a jam-packed September court schedule that could see three blockbuster court hearings in a single month during the same calendar year as a major city election: Police Director Irving Bradley’s residency, the TRAC-led salary case, and the Trenton Water Works sale appeal.

Stay tuned.


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