Accountability Now!

The Trenton Residents Action Coalition filed a city vehicle accountability ordinance with the clerk’s office this afternoon. She was actually pretty positive about it, “encouraging citizen activists” and their importance in light of Trenton’s generally uninvolved population.

She gave me a copy of the top petition with her datestamp and confirmed that by getting them in now we’ve beaten the election clock, which means we need 720 valid signatures rather than whatever a post-gubernatorial election delivery would have required.

I know the city administration and council has talked about better vehicle controls and begun keeping a few city vehicles at City Hall, but they haven’t actually put anything permanent in place, like an ordinance, to implement the changes.

TRAC has taken the position that Trenton’s officials, including Doug Palmer and others who constantly lament the state’s unfulfilled financial obligations, need to save as much money as possible to show our state benefactors that we deserve more consideration and state aid.

In addition to this effect, this ordinance will also provide an extra layer of accountability by showing Trentonians exactly how cars and vehicles are being used and why, in a city of only 7.5 square miles.


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