City Clerk moves cast shadow on May election

Everyone knows that Trenton’s city government is riddled with incompetence, but our officials just took it up another notch with Friday’s mishandling of the City Clerk’s position.

For those that don’t know – and that’s probably most of you since this event was barely and probably inadequately noticed to the public – Acting City Clerk Juanita Joyner was ousted Friday in favor of a Bordentown resident who will take over the position on a contractual basis.

Problem is, the City Clerk’s position is a constitutional office that is subject to all of the requirements of employment within the City of Trenton, including the city’s controversial residency ordinance.  Incoming clerk Leona Baylor, self-admittedly a resident of Bordentown, is therefore barred from holding the office and could easily be removed with the simplest of legal actions.

The most confounding feature of this latest monument to ineptitude is the timing of the move, which falls less than three months prior to one of the most important city elections in Trenton’s history.

Having an incumbent who could be removed at any moment, casting the election certification process into chaos, threatens the entire electoral process.

Those responsible for this growing disaster – including the city Law Department and City Council members, especially those running for the mayor’s office – need to be held responsible.



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2 responses to “City Clerk moves cast shadow on May election

  1. Anonymous

    I believe City departments can hire contract employees who are exempt from some of the normal rules – my department often does it. There are normally NO city residents that qualify for some higher level, degreed positions that have an IMMEDIATE need to be filled.

    It seems like you think the city is teeming with people qualified for every city position.

    Not every city job is entry-level nor is every job so easily filled. In my department alone, 50% of us have to have Master’s degrees and sometimes to keep running, we have to get someone in fast. The hope is that these people move into the City, but that’s not always the case and then we go back to step one.

    I’m not saying the hiring might not be suspicious for other reasons, and lack of transparency is always an issue at City hall, but the reality of working for the City is not as black and white as some might think.

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. Anonymous 2

    I disagree with the notion that there are not enough qualified people in the City of Trenton for positions. That’s an excuse that I’ve heard over and over again yet I know of at least 3 advance degreed residents that couldn’t even get an interview with the administration for positions they were highly qualified for.

    That all said, perhaps Anonymous is correct about this specific position of City Clerk but again I submit that’s not necessarily true with other positions.

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