Victory is Ours

The New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled against the City of Trenton and New Jersey American Water Co. and in favor of a group of citizens who challenged the $80 million sales of the Trenton Water Works.

As per West Ward City Council candidate Kevin Moriarty’s blog, the defining statement in the opinion was this:

“Here the citizens are challenging the ‘concept’ of the sale as an unwise one-time budget fix that will ultimately injure the City. The
BPU [NJ Board of Public Utilities] has no interest in that political question. However, if fifteen percent of voters wish to challenge the good sense of the ordinance, they have the right to do so under the Faulkner Act.”



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3 responses to “Victory is Ours

  1. Hey, what’s that website? What’s that blog page? ;-D

    Congratulations on the Court’s opinion, and the strong affirmation of the people’s right to decide.

  2. change agent

    This is a win for the people of Trenton!! government of the people, by the people, for the people, does exist and shall not perish in Trenton. We sorely need some leaders that are responsive to the people. Palmer, and his head bobbing lap dogs, Segura, Pintella, Lartique and lets not forget, Mr. Pot hole, Eric Jackson, have been running this city into the ground. They have not run a more efficient government and they are collectively deficient on producing any new ideas other than expanding the tax burden on the people. They should’ve permitted a referrendum months ago. The people who actually live in this city and who are going to shoulder the burden have a right to make this decision. Then our illustrious mayor and his council should have been presenting alternatives B, C, and D if the Water Works was not sold. What have they done…sit on their hands, trying to deprive the people of their Constitutional rights and hope and pray that their side wins? That is the type of government that should be thrown out, ALL OF THEM and rejected. We need new innovative leadership that will listen to the people and empower them to assist in reviving Trenton. “

  3. Congratulations, Trenton! This Supreme Court decision is a great victory for public water. Read Food & Water Watch’s press release at

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