What’s in it for Doug?

A point of concern in the Trenton Water Works battle that seems to be growing as the city approaches the June 15 run-off and referendum election centers on what exactly Mayor Douglas H. Palmer stands to gain, personally, from a successful sale.

As we know, this is New Jersey, where politicians tend to have rather cozy and profitable relationships with private entities like New Jersey American Water Co.  Many state and local officials who leave office, as Mayor Palmer will on July 1, soon find themselves with comfortable employment in the private sector.

So, this begs the question, is New Jersey American Water Co. giving Mayor Palmer something for selling off the city’s lucrative suburban water system?   Is it possible that Mayor Palmer is in line for stocks, consultant’s fees, or a lobbying position?  Why would a lame duck like Mayor Palmer care so much about what happens in a referendum held in the second to last week of his 1040 weeks in office?

Is it possible that this sale is funding a vacation, sick-time payout for Mayor Palmer and his cronies as they leave office?

Of course, Mayor Palmer could put this all to rest by simply addressing the city and letting us know what his plans are post-Trenton, and if they involve New Jersey American Water Co.

So what’s the deal, Doug?


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  1. Take a look page 2 of the 1st Amendment to the contract between the COT and NJAWC and observe the “one time lump sum cash payment” of $5 Million dollars”, (services payment) as consideration for “advisory and consulting services” related to technical, operational and any other aspects of the OWUS system that the City’s “authorized representatives” will provide to the buyer after closing”…in the contract for a clue.

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