What’s up with Tony Mack?



There comes a time in the life of a dormant blog when enough is enough.

That times has come, signified by a new albeit short post.

Despite my relocation to Philadelphia, as many know, I keep abreast of affairs in my former adopted hometown of Trenton, NJ. In this historic but struggling city, first-term Mayor Tony Mack has all but squandered the good will the people of Trenton bestowed upon him with their votes in the 2010 election.

Instead of bringing in new, competent faces and respecting the opinions of proven arbiters of city administration, Mayor Mack has filled 319 E. State Street with cronies and driven away those who would have provided appropriate and effective guidance in the running of a city teetering on the brink.

Instead of changing the status quo of governmental dealings with critical but caring city residents, Mayor Mack has resorted to the old adversarial tactics of former Mayor Douglas H. Palmer by picking fights in the media and bending the truth of citizen-criticism.

Instead of fostering an open and honest discussion of his own personal financial problems, he has allowed the city to become the laughingstock of the state and regional media and only fanned the flames feeding rumors of his government’s susceptibility to corrupt and questionable practices.

Unfortunately for Trenton, the next scheduled opportunity to correct the electoral mistake of May and June 2010 isn’t until 2014 – unless a difficult recall process is successful.

Whatever the case, Trentonians need to draw the conclusion that the most important future priority is vetting and selecting a stable of viable, competent mayoral candidates for 2014.

Otherwise the city is forever doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, ruining the future.


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  1. Beth

    Welcome back! We missed your posts.

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