Mack is Trenton’s own personal mess

The recent string of newspaper-based requests for political intervention in Trenton seems to hint that the Mercer political establishment is uncomfortable with the public policy decisions of Mayor Tony Mack.

Like us, they are probably horrified by the endless stream of bad news that has enveloped the Mack Administration since inauguration.   Unfortunately, the existence of private horror with Mack’s policy decisions doesn’t warrant hope for this big political intervention.

Such a move would carry a potentially heavy price for Democrats in the county, who would risk alienating voters from in and around Trenton.  If he’s even half the politician former Mayor Doug Palmer was, Mack would cast any such move as outside hacks intervening in the affairs of city voters on behalf of special interest groups.  Mack could even borrow a Palmerism and talk of shady characters working to implement a “shadow government.”

Hope for some concerted action by outside officials also ignores the fact that it is fundamentally unlikely for officials to interfere with a party member, even an incompetent one.

New Jersey’s political parties rarely eat their own in the sort of public fashion alluded to by some in the press…unless the stakes involved move from mere ineptitude to risking party-wide destruction, such as those associated with criminal wrongdoing.

It is a long shot to expect officials from Mercer County or anywhere else to do anything about Mack.  We’re probably looking at the next election as the first opportunity to rectify this situation.

Of course, a successful recall would move said election closer…


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One response to “Mack is Trenton’s own personal mess

  1. patricia stewart

    It’s possible the Demoncrats are no, “in love,” with Tony Mack. remember, he was not renominated to run for Freeholder. Nice to have you back on the internet. PHS

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