Doublespeak from a Doppelgänger

Gov. Mitt Romney wants to have his cake and eat it, too. At least that’s how I see his attempts to fend off meaningful discussion of our nation’s growing inequality gap.

When asked about whether or not he thought the issue was worth talking about during the 2012 Presidential election, Gov. Flip-Flop cast the topic as mere political posturing from Pres. Obama’s camp. It’s class warfare and divisiveness from the Left, Mitt claims, while simultaneously assailing Obama for positions like fair taxation and a (nonexistent) hatred of capitalism.

Displaying his penchant for unscripted gaffes, Mitt has taken to saying tax policy and other issues are best decided “behind closed doors.”

Once again, we see the Wall Street elitist within the likely GOP candidate, someone who “likes being able to fire people” and feels major policy decisions are best left to smoky rooms full of bought-and-paid-for Washington pols.

God help us, in the event of a Romney Administration!


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