I am a former Trenton resident who wants to see the city reach its full potential through the creation of an open, effective, and properly functioning government.  To that end, this site will be used as a platform for the publishing of educated opinion pieces on Trenton public affairs.


7 responses to “About

  1. Good for you moving your site to wordpress. Now how about using a better theme. The type is to small for your articles and every thing is bunched up in the middle of the page….otherwise I enjoy reading your site.


  2. Marge Miccio

    Hi Greg – On Chrissie Ott’s web site, it looks like you haven’t posted for days, I guess she needs to update with your new site info.
    Thought you’d like to know. I use her site as a guide to who has posted lately, and I thought you stopped!
    Marge Miccio
    (Artifacts Gallery)

  3. To Webmaster;

    Please consider linking to our website. We have a list of blogs on our site including a link to your site.

    George Armstrong
    Berkeley Square Association

  4. Algernon Ward

    You have done a service to the people of Trenton.

  5. allen

    You know abouts the Trenton Atelier?

    i think they have a blog as well


  6. Randy

    Hey, I appreciate you using my photo for the top of your blog, I guess you found in on Flickr.

    Would have appreciated you asking first though, and I would have given you the high-res version

    • edjcrushr1

      Hi Randy … Since I am writing in here again, I’d like to see if it’s OK to use your photo. Otherwise I can switch it out. Do you have any others of Trenton? Everyone loves this shot…especially among patrons of Joe’s Mill Hill Saloon. Thanks!

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